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Catholic Laughs

Carl Kozlowski runs a comedy show providing guests with clean comedy

Find out more about these “guilt free” comedy programs at Catholic Laughs



Carl Kozlowski hosts “Man Up” Saturdays at 8pm on AM870

Carl Kozlowski’s featured appearances on NPR:

Carl Kozlowski, cop lover

Christmas 2011


Carl Kozlowski has produced and hosted over a thousand podcasts. He presents thoughtful and humorous podcast programs, which offer a unique look at our times. The celebrity interviews help us get to know our modern-day heroes.


Dozed and Confused Sitcom

Carl Kozlowski wrote, produced and starred in the pilot for the sitcom series “Dozed and Confused.” It was co-written by Christina Myers Hepburn and Gina Levy, who both co-directed as well. It guest stars Stephen Tobolowsky, who’s one of the 10 busiest actors in Hollywood according to Variety. It premiered at the Second City Chicago and has received strong reviews:

“There is absolutely no one like him. He is truly ONE OF A KIND and there is no reason why he shouldn’t be a sought after character actor. He should be working in films. I couldn’t take my eyes off Carl. I couldn’t believe what a solid performer he is. I know him from stand-up and I’ve known him for over 20 years but never saw him act until this. You’re a GREAT actor! I was blown away. You were super present, there is something interesting about you every time the camera lands on you. I knew you were good but I had no idea you were that good. It almost makes me angry that you aren’t acting in movies now. If you don’t have theatrical representation please, please, please also use this teaser as a tool to get you that! You should be working in this town as a sought after actor in TV and Film because there is only one Carl Kozlowski!!!” – OWEN SMITH (Writer/producer, “Black-ish”)

Watch the pilot here (Vimeo)

Check out some behind the scenes photos from “Dozed and Confused” whoot with co-directors Christina Myers Hepburn and Gina Levy and actors Scott Vinci (shark suit), Ed Galvez (raccoon suit)” and Stephen Tobolowsky (bear suit) and veteran crew including a team of camera folks from the late great CBS sitcom “Superior Donuts.” 


Dozed and Confused – Fringe

Dozed and Confused is a one-man show by Carl Kozlowski. The stories are woven from different episodes of his sitcom Dozed and Confused. Carl’s performance drew rave reviews at the Hollywood Fringe Festival.


Stand Up Comedy

Watch Carl Kozlowski performing stand up at some of the top comedy clubs in Los Angeles



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